Team of Saudis Change Tires...While Vehicle is in Motion! [Video]

For some folks, changing just one tire on the side of the road can be a daunting task. Many have never changed a tire before, and even for the folks who have changed hundreds of tires, having to swap out wheels on the curb is no fun. It is likely because we have all been doing it wrong.

While you may think that changing a tire requires a vehicle to come to a complete stop (and we’re sure most lawyers would agree with this), a group of Saudis have proven that such a task can not only be done while the vehicle is in motion, but in spectacular form:

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As this Toyota FJ goes up on two wheels, the daring team goes to work, there is a pair for the front and a pair for the rear wheels. Two tire irons are used at first and then the bolts are loosened by hand. 

Props to the driver of the FJ, who must have been constantly compensating for changing weight as the team moved about the SUV. The most stressful moment for the driver has to be dropping back down to four wheels, and trusting your team to have tightened all the bolts properly. Either way, they can be my pit team any day!

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Source: The Loop