'Blue Wonder' is the Sexiest Race Transport You've Ever Seen

When it comes to historic vehicles and transporters, it is usually the car on the back of the transporter that makes turns heads as opposed to the transporter itself. This it not one of those times. To prove once more that all things automotive in Post-War Europe oozed of style is this 1954 Mercedes-Benz transporter, dubbed “Blue Wonder.”

With big, elegant fenders and an impressive forward control design, the Blue Wonder was a hauler that makes modern transport trucks look bland by comparison. But the transporter was more than just a pretty face, as was powered by a 300SL engine. 

'Blue Wonder' is the Sexiest Race Transport You've Ever Seen

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The custom-built rig was billed by Mercedes-Benz as the “world’s fastest transporter.” It featured the SL’s legendary inline-6 cylinder engine, but some parts came from other vehicles. Fenders and door panels came from the Mercedes-Benz 180 sedan. Still, the headlights and wide grille are nods to the iconic engine under the hood.

'Blue Wonder' is the Sexiest Race Transport You've Ever Seen

The Blue Wonder served as a venerable transport vehicle for M-B’s Formula 1 teams for over 10 years. But later, the great Mercedes racing director Rudolf Uhlenhaut had the vehicle scrapped. After looking over historical photos, the vehicle was rebuilt, which is the one you see here.

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