MacGuyver and Mercedes-Benz Team Up with Explosive Results [Video]

It was just another day in the post-action life of MacGuyver. The improvisational wunderkind had moved away from a life of excitement in favor of the peace and quiet of the handyman life. Unfortunately for Mac, trouble always has a way of finding him.

In the video below, we find MacGuyver taking just “one last job” for the day, as he travels about town in his Mercedes-Benz Citan work van. He gets called into repair an air conditioning system, and that’s when everything goes south:

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The video is an elaborate ad for the Citan, which was introduced in 2012 for the UK and European markets. It is a light panel and passenger van, that replaces the Vaneo van, and is extremely versatile, offering many different variants. 

Given the success of the Ford Transit, Ram Tradesman and ProMaster, a vehicle like the Citan could be pretty successful in the U.S. market. The vehicle is actually produced in a partnership between Daimler and Renault-Nissan. It is built in Northern France in the same facility as the Renault Kangoo. Is the U.S. ready for a Mercedes-Benz work vehicle? Not sure. Are we ready for the return of MacGuyver? Absolutely.

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