Obama Orders Reduced Pollution from Coal Industry, EV Owners Rejoice

Over the weekend, President Obama sent waves through the coal power industry when he announced an executive order to slash carbon emissions from coal fire plants. The order would require plants to reduce emissions by 30 percent of 2005 levels by the year 2030. This might not seem auto-related, but there are some interesting parallels. 

For starters, this is reminiscent of the NHTSA standards of 35.7 MPG by 2015, which was announced with the hopes of conserving 55 billion gallons of gasoline and reducing carbon emissions by 521 metric tons. This coal initiative would reduce carbon emissions in an industry which is the single most pollutive in the nation. 

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Obama Orders Reduced Pollution from Coal Industry, EV Owners Rejoice

This will come as a relief to the growing number of electric car owners in the country as well. These early adopters of EVs are making their purchases to do their part for the environment, but an argument from the beginning has been that despite the fact that no emissions come from their cars, the power grid the plug into every night might trace back to a dirty coal fire plant.

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The executive order will receive short term opposition, but in the long term, will improve our standing compared to the world’s other high polluters, such as China or India.

Source: NY Times