Drone Footage of Ocean Race Showcases Serious Wind-Powered Vehicles

A week ago today, yours truly took part in a competition that, in some circles, is a New England tradition. The event was called Figawi, and it is a sailing race from Hyannis, Massachusetts to island-turned-country-club known as Nantucket. Though this event did not involve cars, it involved racing– and we here at BoldRide love our racing.

The race is a 22.7 nautical-mile venture, rounding two waypoints before hitting the finish line several hundred yards from the mouth of the harbor in Nantucket. Boats are separated into classes based on size, and if they are using more advanced sails, like spinnakers (the balloon-looking sails). An intrepid videographer, Nathan Palmer, was there to catch all the action with an aerial drone:

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There were all manner of powerboats on hand to watch the action, including our neighbor at the dock, who ran twin GM 454s in his cabin cruiser. Talk about serious power.

Fun fact: A Nantucket Sleigh-ride is a term from the height of whaling in New England. When the whalers would first harpoon the whale it would attempt to flee, taking the comparatively small whaleboats for quite the ride. When the whale became exhausted, the men would finish the deed. 

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Not particularly pretty stuff, but when the wind is at your back and are hauling tail in rough sees, we still tend to call it a “sleigh-ride.”