POV Footage of Driving a Supercar Makes us Wish we Hit the Lottery [video]

A harsh reality is that we may never get behind the wheel of most of the fantastical vehicles that we cover here on BoldRide. In fact, that wanting of something that we’ll likely never have is what drove many of us to even cover the auto industry. So we give pause to watch videos like this, of some undeserving gentleman with deep pockets stretching the legs of an insanely rare supercar.

The car is the Pagani Huayra, and it is a vehicle that is almost too advanced to comprehend, the name means some sort of god of wind (or something epic like that), and is meant to represent the active aerodynamics that constantly change the supercar’s downforce. Until now, we could only imagine what it would look like behind the wheel. Thankfully some rich playboy was able to give us a small look into his life:

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Call me a hater all you want, but I have to take issue with the driving style of the well-heeled operator. When operating a car such as this on the track, your hands are not glued to 9 and 3 (not 10 and 2) as you turn the wheel. Before you turn too far in either direction, you “hand off” the bottom of the wheel from one hand to the other, so you don’t have the crossed-over situation that occurs on some of the tighter turns. Luckily the car is advanced enough to compensate for folks with more money than experience on the track.

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