Bentley Teases Forthcoming SUV, Confirms Plug-In Hybrid Option

If you have spent any time on BoldRide, you’d know that the Bentley SUV is on the way. The British ultra-luxury automaker has been trickling out details like scraps from the royal’s dinner table. Here is yet another morsel for our anticipating palettes; a short teaser film showing off some of the new vehicle’s lines.

“The countdown to the arrival of the Bentley SUV has begun.” This could be viewed as the most affirming or most redundant statement from Crewe to date– depending on how long you’ve been following the gestation of this vehicle, but I digress. Here is the teaser you’ve clearly all been waiting for:

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According to Bentley, it will go into production in 2016, and when it does, it will be available with several engine/powertrain options. As you can see, the lines are much like every other bentley, but will feature a higher ride height and bigger greenhouse. It should be noted that the generally simple curves and lines of contemporary bentley models will serve and SUV body style quite well. 

Though it has not been confirmed, a number of different engines have been rumored in the last year. There have been diesel engines, shared DNA with the VW Touareg and a 200-mph top speed all rumored. Out of all that conjecture, the presence of a future plug-in is the only solid piece we have– and that goes for the rest of the motoring press!

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