That is one expensive Camaro.

Most classic cars come fully loaded with big horsepower and a handful of stories to tell ­­­– this particular ’68 Yenko Super Camaro might tell too many. Despite some  rumors and collector disagreements, the rare muscle car originally modified by Don Yenko received a slew of big bids at Mecum Auctions’ Indianapolis.

The four-owner car was originally sold to Miles Pleasant on June 5, 1968, who eventually passed it on to second owner A.J. Lancaster. Here’s where it gets a bit muddy. Lancaster was a drag racer and Memphis Rodders club member, who reportedly prepped the car for the NHRA Pro Stock category; which included stripping the interior and removing the Yenko engine in favor of a specially built race mill.

It’s an almost unimaginable affront to one of the rarest breeds, but luckily in 1991 the car found a new home and underwent an extensive restoration. Dr. Vance Shappley, a recognized Chevrolet collector, brought the car back to its original specifications, which included installing the 450-horsepower (335 kilowatt) 427cid Yenko V8, all interior components, and repainting the body to its original Sequoia Green.

Despite its by-the-books restoration, a few questions were raised regarding the car’s authenticity, which inevitably factored into the bidding at auction. Experts found fault with the second-owner’s racing modifications as well as the lack of its COPO 9737 designation, inconsistent with a 140mph speedometer. The odometer showed only 1,304 miles at the time of sale. When the gavel dropped, the ’68 Yenko Super Camaro sold for $320,000, a bit short of the $375,000 to $450,000 estimate. Nevertheless, it’s a hallowed example of just 64 Super Camaros that got this Yenko treatment in 1968.

Source: Mecum

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko