Mini Superleggera Vision is the Ideal British Roadster

Despite being owned by German BMW, it can be argued that Mini still carries the torch as the quintessential British motoring brand. Aston Martin and Jaguar are aspirational, but Mini carries the cornerstone as the brand with vehicles delivering throwback looks that are actually attainable. And this latest concept takes the Mini practicality and gives it an air of Italian flair.

It is called the Mini Superleggera Vision, and it is more than just a rebodied Mini Cooper. It is a stretched out roadster that is emblematic of the types of sporty two-seaters that dominated the European roads for most of the second half of the 20th century. This body style is as Italian as it is British, which makes the Superleggera Vision the ideal marriage of the two motoring countries.

Mini Superleggera Vision is the Ideal British Roadster

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If the name Superleggera sounds familiar, it is the coach-builder that has done special lightweight body work for many Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, and is typically a fixture at shows for rarified vehicles, such as the Concourso d’Eleganza Villa d’Esta, where this vehicle was shown. 

Mini Superleggera Vision is the Ideal British Roadster

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The Superleggera Vision takes cues from Mini styling canon (like the perky headlights), but also works in far more fantastical design elements. There is the aerodynamic cowl that extends from behind the driver’s seat, but it has nothing on the British Union Jack worked into the taillights. It is a vehicle that encapsulates all the great romanticism that surrounds classic British roadsters.

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