This European City Wants To Eliminate Cars by 2034

With the onset of hybrid technologies, automakers are making it possible for daily drivers to use less and less fuel, but wouldn’t the ideal solution be to not have to use a car at all? One city in Germany thinks so, and is trying to eliminate cars completely from its roads.

In Hamburg, a plan is in place to eliminate cars from the roads, and turning the automotive thoroughfares into greenways that can be traversed by bicycle. These greenways would be connected to already-existing parks and trails. 

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This European City Wants To Eliminate Cars by 2034

The plan, which was disclosed by the Hamburg city council in February, said it would try to completely divert cars from the city within 20 years. When the plan is complete, the city will have added 17,000 acres of green space, representing 40% of the city’s actual area.

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Not only will there be improved green spaces, but such a green initiative can stave off climate change, as the average temperature in Hambrug has risen 9 degrees Celsius in the last 50 years– that is a rise of 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Source: TheMindUnleashed