Ford Indigo Concept Was A V12, Mid-Engined Monster

In the 1990s, Ford had a pretty wild period of concepts. There was the GT90 concept, which eventually got the conversation going about the future GT, and then there is the Indigo. The Indigo has elements of the 32 roadster, but brought to fruition as an incredibly futuristic concept– one with the bite to match its visual bark.

Ford claimed that this car took inspiration from IndyCar and Formula 1, but this car was penned in the heyday (?) of the PT Cruiser. There was an emphasis on bringing the past to life, with sometimes questionable results. Thankfully the Indigo (though questionable in name) is a wonderful vision of the promise of the 1990s.

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Ford Indigo Concept Was A V12, Mid-Engined Monster

Unlike the Plymouth Prowler that actually managed to hit the streets, this vehicle was a concept only. But unlike the Prowler, the open-front-wheel roadster fit its engine in the rear, rather than the narrow snout, allowing Ford to cram a 6.0-liter V12 between the rear wheels, making 435 horsepower.

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Ford Indigo Concept Was A V12, Mid-Engined Monster

Two versions of the Indigo were made. There was the “show” version, which toured the major international auto shows in 1996. And then there was the “go” car, as named by Ford engineers. This mid-engined beast was actually functional, and makes us wish even more that they brought a vehicle such as this into limited production.

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