Super-Slo-Mo Video of Mountain Biker Matt Hunter is Amazing

We're car and motorcycle people here, but occasionally you see plane, boat and snowmobile videos that are just too good not to share. Imagine our surprise learning that there's a mountain bike video out there that's eye-poppingly cool to watch. If it's bold and it's a ride, then it's good enough for BoldRide. Matt Hunter is from Kamloops, British Columbia, and he's been a pro mountain bike rider since he won the 2003 Ultimate Freeride Challenge. His professional career these days doesn't involve racing, but shooting movies of his rides. RELATED: Caterham's Incredibly Cool Classic E-Bike This one was shot to promote Specialized Bicycles's new S-Works Enduro 29'er, which apparently can bend the laws of physics. Although we're pretty sure it's not the bike. If we rode it anywhere near the way Matt rides it, we'd be in a pile 30 feet from the start of the trail with a busted femur.
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