Air-Powered Car Could Deliver Green-Friendly Driving (If We Ever See It)

We recently reported on a plan by Peugeot to actually bring a vehicle that runs on compressed air to market. Though the headline is catchy, the compressed air is actually part of a larger hybrid powertrain system– it does not run on compressed air alone. That is where French firm MDI comes in, with their innovative vehicle, aptly dubbed the “AIRPod.”

In this CNN report, the AIRPod is proven to be a prototype vehicle that actually runs on compressed air, running through a small engine, and is refilled the same way you might load up a tire. It looks like the real deal in the video below:

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But that video was from 2010. There was almost no activity involving new news since at least 2013. The last announcement came in September of 2013, and promised that we should expect vehicles to be built in Sardinia, Italy, and go on sale in summer of this year. Well summer is almost upon us, and we’ll be watching 

There are nearly 600 million passenger cars throughout the world, burning 1 billion cubic meters of fuel in a year– that is an astounding amount of consumption, and one that we will likely be unable to stem. Solutions like this may be our only way to cope in the years to come.

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