Airbus A320 Makes a Low Pass in Hungary

Seeing low flying aircraft is a bit unsettling, especially in heavily populated city centers like Budapest, but fear not. On May 1, Hungary celebrated Labour Day and apparently flying a giant airliner dangerously close to the ground. It's just how that country likes to party. The WizzAir Airbus A320 dropped down across the Danube before performing a sweeping climb over the bridges, Parliament, and thousands of sleeping Hungarians. With two engines capable of over 25,000 lbs. of thrust each and a total cost of nearly $94 million – it is by no means a simple stunt. RELATED: British Airways is Turning Trash into Jet Fuel Check out what it looked like from the cockpit. Hats go off to the pilots for pulling it off. Yes, those are warning alarms you hear going off.
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Here is is from several other angles:

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[via Jalopnik]