Zenos E10 Offers Low-Cost, High Speed Driving Fun

We live in a pretty crazy age, where small fortunes, eccentric designers and lowering production costs have yielded the proliferation of sports cars and supercars the likes of which has never been seen. Take for example Zenos Cars– yet another purveyor of lightweight performance vehicles.

The first product to come from Zenos Cars will be the E10, and will arrive to the U.S. by 2015. The car was originally showcased at the 2014 edition of the UK’s Autosport International show, and impressed onlookers with its minimalist aesthetic, innovative chassis, and impressively low selling price.

Zenos E10 Offers Low-Cost, High Speed Driving Fun

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For $40,000, you could have an Acrua TL with few options…or for $39,500 you could have the Zenos E10. Rather than a full carbon fiber assembly (like far more expensive supercars), the E10 uses recycled carbon composite, formed around a thermoplastic core. This combination is anchored by a single aluminum “backbone” extrusion, which yields impressive structural rigidity, with a low weight (1,430 for the whole car), and that sub $40K-price.

Zenos E10 Offers Low-Cost, High Speed Driving Fun

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There is a catch. The engine is a Ford-sourced, 200-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged…supplied by the buyer. Crate engines can run anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000, but pony up for it and you have a vehicle that makes 300-horsepower per ton. It should help that Zenos was started by two former company offices for the iconic Caterham sports car brand. 

The Launch Edition will cost $43,750, and we’re guessing that’s without the motor. Regardless, this is one vehicle we must drive when it comes to our shores!

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