Trucker Avoids Massive Crash with Split-Second Reaction Time [video]

Despite international tensions between the Russia and the Western world, we can still take pleasure in one of their best free exports– dashcam videos! In Russia, many strange things happen on the open road, and luckily for us, many Russians have dash-mounted cameras– like the scene that unfolded here. Typically, when we report on a dashcam, it is because of two cars crashing into one another, but this one from Jalopnik is notable for a crash NOT happening. See what we mean in the video below: RELATED: See More Videos of Smashes and Crashes
As pointed out in the original post, this Volvo big rig is actually a very rare vehicle. It is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. edition truck, and only one of fifty produced. It would be a welcomed sign on American roads and among NASCAR fans, but its presence on Russian roads makes this video even more unique. RELATED: 1979 Dodge Lil Red Express Pickup Corruption is rife in Russia, and it has slowed the process of justice in traffic court to a crawl. In many cases, the only way to make one’s cases is with hard evidence, otherwise a case will be tossed out. As a result, we have so many Russians with dash cams, and for incredible videos like this, we’re quite thankful for that!