Car Parkour: Because Ledges Aren't Dangerous Enough [video]

As far as “Fun Things to do with a Saturn” go, this has to top the list. Freerunner and parkour expert Ronnie Shalvis brought an old Saturn SL2 to the top of a car park to demonstrate his mastery over gravity in this quick two-minute clip. Things start off fairly docile with a few back flips and over-the-roof slides, but Shalvis ramps it up quickly with what looks to be a no-handed vault over the car and a two-story drop. Not one to rest on his laurels, he upped the ante with a three-car high-speed hurdle. PHOTOS: See more images of the 2000 Saturn L-Series
It’s certainly something that very few of us can do, especially without ending up bloodied on the roof of a car park or shelling out hundreds of dollars to repair dented body panels. A word of warning to the kids, don’t try this at home. PHOTOS: See our gallery of Saturn vehicles