How Google is Improving its Self-Driving Cars [Video]

Let’s be real about one thing, folks— self-driving cars are coming. There’s really not much we can do, but welcome our autonomous overlords. Before that day comes, Google has a lot of work ahead of it, as it continues to enhance its self-driving systems, and the tech giant was kind enough to provide a video update of its progress. One of the great hurdles in autonomous driving is creating a system that can recognize the plethora of road hazards a driver could encounter while on a road trip or even driving to work. Here is how they are going about it: RELATED: See Photos of the Self-Driving Rinspeed MicroMAX Concept
For one, they created a system that can spot orange cones well ahead of arriving at them, and map out the route that the cones provide. It can also spot a vehicle pulled on the side of the road and slow down until the lane to the left of it is safe to pass. Then there is the tricky case of errant cyclists, who the system can recognize and slow down to allow the bikes to maneuver. (We suspect many drivers would prefer a mode that blows by the cyclists, but that likely won’t happen). At any rate, it appears these systems are being developed to take real-world driving situations into account. RELATED: See Video of the Lexus Autonomous Vehicle Testing