Jet-Themed Road-Going Vehicle Looks like it Could Take Off [video]

We’ve seen a lot of wild custom and themed cars out there, but this one is among the few that have truly left us bewildered. Someone must be a Top Gun fan that knows his way around a welding torch– how else can you explain this incredible road-going fighter-jet-car? We’re not sure if this was a car turned into a jet, or some form of aircraft turned into a car, but we’re glad it exists. It bears a resemblance to a stubby F-16 Falcon or F-4 Phantom, albeit lacking horizontal stabilizers (the names for the smaller rear wings). The occupants even sit in tandem, as opposed to side-to-side! RELATED: See Photos of the Tasco Prototype - Part Plane - Part Car
This vehicle certainly looks unstable, and appears to actually have motorcycle plates, which suggest that under all this, there might be some sort of trike components. There are also dozens of signatures, and our only knock on the road-going jet is the questionable mural on the side port side of the fuselage. Source: Sploid.Gizmodo RELATED: Watch Video of an (Obviously Fake) Flying Car