Watch An Open-Wheel Racing Pit Stop Then And Now [Video]

There’s no denying how far open-wheel racing has come in the last 60 years, but it’s still pretty amazing to watch video evidence of its advancements. Take this video for instance, which shows the comparison between a pit stop from the 1950 Indy 500 and a more recent pit stop during the 2013 Formula One Australian Grand Prix. Using four men (and a hammer), the crew of the ‘50s era racer took 67 seconds to change two tires, refuel the car, clean the windshield and give the driver a quick drink. These days, 67 seconds is nearly the lap time on most circuits, so it isn’t surprising that the today's Formula One pit stop times are equally fast. How fast? Well, the video below shows the 2013 season-opening race where the Ferrari team changes all four tires and refuels the car in a mere fraction of the time: RELATED: See images of the 2006 Ferrari F300 Formula 1 Race Car
Ferrari’s flawless, lightning-fast stop is impressive, but it can no longer lay claim to being the fastest. In the very next race of the 2013 season, Red Bull Racing managed to pull off a mind-blowing pit stop taking just 2.05 seconds – it can take longer than that to load some web pages. WATCH: Red Bull Racing's 2.05-seconds pit stop