Watch The Slowest Massive Boat Crash Ever [video]

No, this boat’s captain wasn’t late for a soccer match. The 633-foot-long ship, the Hansa Constitution, lost power on April 6th due to a mechanical malfunction, causing it to run into the seawall of a sports complex at the University of Hong Kong. Actually, it would have been rather hard not to get a video of this crash. The ship lost power out at sea, and drifted out of the shipping lane before its agonizingly slow collision. As often as we’re reminded of how violent and expensive high-speed car crashes can be, this incident shows us that even low-speed accidents can be frightening and costly. VIDEO: See more smashes and crashes on BoldRide's video channel!
It’s unclear as to what may have caused the ship to lose power or how much damage was caused to the seawall, but a report indicates that it was later safely towed away from the shoreline. RELATED: See images of the 1926 Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost Boat-Tail Speedster