Bugatti Caught Testing a New Veyron, But What Is It? [Video]

Earlier today, we showed you the fifth special edition Veyron from Bugatti's final edition lineup. Later this year, we’re going to show you the sixth and final edition , which is likely all buttoned up and ready for show. So it begs the question– just what is Bugatti testing here on the Nurburgring? Though it appears to be a standard Veyron at first glance, this test mule is differentiated by a sort of metal scaffolding on the back rear quarter. Said scaffolding, in fact, covers up most of the engine components — or at least, what we an see from the far camera angle. You can see that here: PHOTOS: See More of the 2014 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess
As Autoevolution reports, this exposed engine covered by metal components could be producing a higher output than the standard 1,200 horsepower found on the latest Veyron variants. The scaffolding could be part of open-air bonnet, perhaps for added cooling. As it sits, the verdict is still out on exactly what this is — although we hope for something with even more power. As time goes on, we’ll undoubtedly hear more about what’s going on at Bugatti. PHOTOS: See More of the 2013 Bugatti Gangloff Concept by Paulo Czyzewski