Pro Skier Jon Olssen Takes Track-Ready Rebellion Supercar to Ski Slopes! [video]

Professional skier Jon Olssen has it pretty good. Representing his native Sweden in the Winter X Games, Olssen has snagged 6 bronze medals, two silver and one gold. But the real joy probably comes from his commute to work, at the helm of his seemingly endless slew of customized supercars, complete with ski rack, of course. Olssen also takes part in the infamous Gumball rally, where wealthy playboys cover their insane exotics in wild pant schemes and race across (sometimes multiple) continents. Olssen is selecting the Rebellion R2K as his ride, which is based on the Ultima GTR supercar, and rebodied to look like a smaller, road going Audi R18 prototype. It is essentially a LeMans race car for the road. PHOTOS: See more images of the 2013 Rebellion R2K But the road and the track are not the only theaters upon which the R2K will venture, as evidenced by the following video:
PHOTOS: See more images of the Ultima GTR Olssen strapped himself into the Rebellion, and took to the slopes at Sweden’s Storlien Alpin. Chased by a helicopter, he flung the hypercar (which has an undisclosed horsepower rating, but can apparently handle as much as 1000 hp) up and down the snowy mount. All we can say is that every time Jon Olssen’s name comes up in the news, he makes us mad that we’re not Jon Olssen. RELATED: Pro Skier Jon Olssen Gets Rowdy in the Snow with his Custom Lambo