How to Swap A Land Rover Discovery Frame in Just 4 Minutes [video]

Our friends at J. White's Automotive in Framingham, Massachusetts posted a four-minute video on how they swapped the frame in a 2004 Land Rover Discovery II. It is quite the thing to see. PHOTOS: Full Galleries of Land Rovers from 1948 to Present The trick to doing it is as follows: -Have a crew in the shop that knows Land Rovers inside and out -Have them work almost non-stop for 48 hours -Have a videographer compress the entire process into a four-minute video
J. White specializes in Land Rovers of every vintage. They've done frame swaps in early Series Land Rovers, as well as later trucks like this one. Their shop is located on Route 9, in the same building where Gaston Andrey -- winner of seven national championships in SCCA Club Racing and Trans Am -- ran a successful Alfa Romeo and Ferrari dealership through the late 1980s. PHOTOS: Roger Andrey's McLaren MP4-12C What's kind of amazing is that something built in 2004 can suffer frame rot that looks straight out of the 1970s. If you're planning on buying a Land Rover Discovery, you might want to have a guy like Jeff White on speed dial.