Homegrown Tesla Ad Shows Big Automakers How It's Done [video]

Tesla might be having a rough time with the whole dealer situation in New Jersey and Texas, but a recent ad spot might lighten up CEO Elon Musk’s week. The video below is an ad for Tesla that was not made by Tesla. Rather, it was the creation of Everdream Pictures, who put together this impressive piece of cinematography. The video, titled “Modern Spaceship” shows a child playing with a toy spaceship, until he stumbles across something far more fascinating– the out-of-this world Tesla Model S: RELATED: See Photos of the 2013 Tesla Model R Concept
According to an interview with Adweek, Everdream’s CEO James Khabushani and his team were able to create the ad on a shoestring budget. “We're trying to make a big statement.” Said Khabushani, “Why are brands still spending 2-plus million dollars on a commercial? This spot is professionally produced and produced for $1,500.” RELATED: Check Out George Clooney's Tesla Roadster The Everdream CEO did admit that they were able to stay under budget with a lot of favors from cast and crew, but promises they could do it faster and cheaper. “The fact is,” said Khabushani, “college kids can produce great content.” RELATED: See Photos of the Tesla Model X Sport Utility Vehicle He makes a great point about the state of automotive video in the post-YouTube age. We are still force-fed pretty awful automotive TV shows on cable because the folks behind those shows were able to make the right deal and sell advertising. Meanwhile, anyone making truly great automotive content is on the web. Just look at the /Drive network and series like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. What web-based car show deserves to be on TV? Which automotive TV show needs to go? Tell us in the comments below.