SkyRunner is Part-Dune Buggy, Part-Flying Car, All-Awesome [w/ video]

It may look like a bit of James Bond tech, but the folks at SkyRunner are trying to bring this flying dune buggy to life– for a price. The SkyRunner is part desert off-road vehicle, part ultralight, and for most application you only need a light sport pilot’s license. On terra firma, the SkyRunner can hop over dirt, sand and gravel with its long-travel suspension. It will hit 0-60 mph in about four seconds, on its was to a top speed of 115 mph. RELATED: Inspired by Flight - the 1948 TASCO When you want to take to the skies, simply unpack the chute, and lay it on the ground behind the buggy, and engage the prop, which operates separately of the drive wheels. After about 30 feet, the chute elevates, and after about 300 ft (30 mph), it lifts the buggy off the ground:
Once in the air, it can maintain a cruising speed of 55 mph, has an operational range of 200 nautical miles, and can reach an altitude of 15,000 feet (thought the light sport licensed pilots are only allowed to reach 10,000 feet). RELATED: (Obviously Fake) Video of a Flying Compact Car The price for one of these bad boys is $119,000, but you can’t get one yet– they are still in pre-order phase. It was expected that this would be a toy for rich playboys, but in a twist, they have been approached by farmers and ranchers, who see this as a cost-saving alternative to renting a helicopter. Perhaps this could change the way we see the skies in the Midwest and other rural areas.