Will the Taxi Cab Theater Become one of NYC's Best New Attractions?

You may have heard of dinner theater, but never taxi theater– right? Well one company in Manhattan is trying to bring the performance to a whole new medium– the back seat of an NYC taxi cab, and it is far more than just a simple play. Those wishing to take on this experience hop in the back of the cab and fork over $25 - $50, based on the length of the performance– three audience members max, due to the size of the back seat. The performance starts with the cab driver, who incorporates music and audio recordings to deliver some sort of narrative, but that is just the beginning. As the performance progresses, the cab driver interacts with people on the street in funny ways, and you are left wondering if that was part of the performance or not. Your eyes will dart from person to person you pass on the sidewalk, wondering if they are the next performer. PHOTOS: See More Images of Taxi Cabs According to NPR’s Marketplace, the play’s executive producer, Lauren Rayner had to go out for funding, finding enough to run on a budget of $11,000 a month. The pay is low and the actors are forced to volunteer many of their hours. But according to Rayner, with the help of sponsors, the play could become profitable. Listen to the full story here: RELATED: See Photos of the 1974 Honda 600 Taxi
Would you pay for such a unique performance experience? Would you rather end up on an episode of Cash Cab? Let us know what you think in the comments below. RELATED: See Photos of the Nissan NV200 Taxi