Meter Maid Tickets Cars Right in Front of Owners– With a Twist! [video]

Walking out to your car to find a ticket on the windshield is never a good feeling. But those feelings of disappointment turn to anger when you can actually see the meter attendant walking away. Consider that when you see the reactions of the drivers in this video below. Meet Sam. Sam is a professional prankster, and we think he knows just how to get under people’s skin. In this video, some drivers are either near their car or, in some cases, are still in their car, when Sam comes up and puts a ticket right underneath the wiper:
FUNNY: See More Comical Automotive Videos As you can imagine, the owners of these cars are not happy, but then they open the envelope to see that it was all in jest! What’s more, they are given cash for their troubles. Some of the reactions are great, and all of them are genuine– both the anger and relief! It should be noted that those are California plates on most cars, and the “The Plaza Luxury Apartments” is located in Los Angeles, near Westwood Village. Methinks it would be a little odd to see a parking attendant with a British accent handing out tickets in LA. Regardless, it’s a fun video. RELATED: Funny Car Video - Old Lady Gives Rich Guy the Treatment