BMW Debuts World's First Self-Drifting Car [video]

Depending on where you stand, you are either anticipating or dreading the forthcoming wave of self-driving cars. The commonly held notion is that if you don’t really care about driving, than the autonomous car is right for you, and that performance fans will stick to driving the car themselves. BMW just might have something to say about that. The German automaker has been working has hard as anyone else on self-driving cars. While rival Audi is taking to Pikes Peak, BMW is showing the world that an autonomous car can do far more than everyday driving. As this video from UK's Autocar shows, BMW has created a self-driving performance vehicle. Is the world ready for the self-drifting car? RELATED: Toyota Promises Cars Will Not Go Fully Autonomous
We wonder if it could illegally street race on its own, or would it be forced to comply with traffic laws? Could you take it racing, and if so, could it rub paint with the car next to it? Could it cut off that corner and box another racer out or would it relinquish the spot to the more aggressive human driver? PHOTOS: See more of the 2014 BMW M235i With a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 making more than 330 horsepower, the new M235i is a vehicle we would rather drive on our own, than be ferried around for a performance-programmed self driving car. Folks called it blasphemy when BMW put an M label on the X5 and X6, but the real crime is an autonomous car with an M badge on the side of it. For shame, BMW. For shame.