A sad scene for a beautiful Lamborghini.

Movies like Fast and FuriousNeed For Speed, and countless others, all employ replicas of expensive, eye-catching cars. Of course, all of these replicas - at one point or another - are hurled over a cliff, set on fire, or smashed into each other. The directors from The Wolf of Wall Street apparently don't share the same sentiment.

At one point in the film, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) attempts a mile or so drive back to his home under the influence of copious amounts of hardcore drugs. On the way, his gorgeous pearl white Lamborghini Countach hits a number of cars, trees and shrubbery. A real 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach was used for this scene.

For most enthusiasts, that's down right blasphemous. While countless scenes similar to this have been filmed using replicas, we're not entirely sure why producers and directors thought it a good idea to put to use a real Countach in a scene where it would be nearly destroyed. Perhaps the makers of the film wanted to be as over-the-top as Belfort, himself.

Thankfully, most of the damage is only on the front and non-structural. Without a doubt, the Countach will likely be restored back to original and sold off (for a massive price) as a prop to the film.

Source: GTSpirit

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