Eight Great and Wild Party Buses for New Year's Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve folks! I’m sure many of you are sitting at your desk right now, counting the minutes like the opening credits of the “Flintstones.” Everyone usually has big plans on NYE, and some are bigger than others. If you want to arrive to your party in epic style and are traveling in a large group, the best way to go might be party bus– and there are eight great party buses for all your New Year’s Eve travel! Jone-Z Party Buses
Eight Great and Wild Party Buses for New Year's Eve
We were not aware that Omaha, NE was such a happening place, but apparently there is enough going on that Jone-Z needs a fleet of party buses. The use of traditional school buses and city buses is a welcomed departure from the luxury travelers. Besides– why do you need up scale seating if half of your crew is just going too vomit on it. (hey, that rhymes!) RELATED: Top Ten Tuned Cars of 2013 Goliath
Claimed to be the largest party bus in the world, the Goliath has four stripper poles (for professionals, or just exhibitionist friends), four flat screen TVs, a pair of 10,000-watt stereo systems and a laser system. The bus also has a champagne room, which we naively presumed was for storage of champagne. The Rosebury
Eight Great and Wild Party Buses for New Year's Eve
If you scoff at the notion of strippers and champagne rooms, the Rosebury might be a little more your speed. Built by the founder of the London Restaurant Festival, the 1966 commuter bus was converted into a rolling cocktail party, with 22 upstairs seats and room for 40. The leather is sourced from the same place that Bentley uses, and the bus comes with all the equipment for games like chess, croquet and badminton. RELATED: Ten Predictions for Auto Industry in 2014 Land Yacht
Also claimed to be the world’s largest party bus (apparently Guinness Book of World Records has not sent out a rep to verify this claim yet), it also features four stripper poles, CD and DVD player with iPod connection, and disco lights. There is also a VIP section, because nothing says a party like a means of making some of your friends feel left out. Hangover Heaven
Eight Great and Wild Party Buses for New Year's Eve
For many of you reading, tomorrow will NOT be fun. Sure, you can handle your booze, but champagne creeps up on you, and that hangover will not be nice. If you are partying in Vegas for new years, tomorrow you can call Hangover Heaven– the hangover bus. For $99 you can book a ride that does not include booze and dancing, but medical IVs. They are here to nurse you back to health so you can go rage the very same day! RELATED: The Cars of the Kardashians International Heartbreaker
This is one of our favorite party buses/limos. It is built on an International Truck chassis, and it has a freaking deck! The final section of the Heartbreaker is open aired, with a canopy and it looks like a badass way to arrive at a party, or just take it on the road all night! Boatonian
Why rent a party bus when you can rent a party boat! It was created by the Bustonian, a Boston-based party bus, but “Boatonian” is an awkward variation on the name, but a very cool concept! You can charter the whole boat yourself, or buy a ticket to one of their many parties. There is something for everyone, with EDM on Thursdays, hip-hop on Fridays and country on Saturdays. RELATED: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' - Cash, Babes and Beautiful Cars Virgin America Party Plane
Forget a bus, forget a boat– we’re taking this party to the skies! For select flights out to Coachella, Virgin America created a party plane with live DJ, and (from the looks of it) free headphones all around. It looked like an absolute blast– especially compared to the unsavory skanks you would have to share the some of these other buses with.

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