Watch UK Journalists Jump a $455K Lamborghini Aventador [video]

Some guys get to have all the fun. Take, for instance, the folks from Autocar. The UK-based automotive outlet got a call from Lamborghini asking if they could be bothered to take a pair of Aventadors for a short stay. This is how that time was spent. Lamborghini sent one Aventador Coupe and one Aventador Roadster, to see which one was better. Most of their testing was not what you might call conventional: PHOTOS: See more of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4 So rather than a litany of empirical tests, the British auto journalists jumped the two Lambos. And for one of the vehicles, we're not talking about the front wheels coming up. We're talking about completely airborne, almost trying to embody the Stealth Fighter–inspired styling, with all four wheels off the ground. The exhaust note of the two cars was also tested, using a simple iPhone app. They eventually got to racing the pair in a straight line and around their track. In the end, it came down to what I call “The Transitive Law of Foldaway Roofs,” which states that any car is made more enjoyable with a convertible top. The folks at Autocar agreed, saying that if you are going to spend $455,300, you better own something that you can be easily seen driving. The roadster may be the stylish choice, but it can't fly like the coupe! VIDEOS: See more wild automotive clips and videos on BoldRide!