Volkswagen Will Reveal a New Golf GTI Variant on May 31

The model celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Nurburgring Teaser Volkswagen Golf GTI Nurburgring Teaser

Volkswagen is launching a new Golf GTI variant later this month. CEO Thomas Schäfer posted a short teaser video to his LinkedIn account, revealing the car’s debut date—May 31, during the Nurburgring 24 Hours—as the brand celebrates the Golf’s 50th anniversary in 2024.

The video shows the hot hatch cruising the iconic race track, but Volkswagen pixelated the finer details. From what we can tell, the new variant wears a sportier front bumper. The accent that wraps up from the bottom is longer on this version, kicking back toward the outer fenders like inverse fangs.

That’s the most obvious difference, but we expect VW to tweak other elements. A revamped rear bumper, unique wheels, and custom interior trim pieces and embroidery are all on the table.

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With VW celebrating 50 years of the Golf, there is a high likelihood that the new GTI variant will be the Clubsport 50 or Edition 50 model. Volkswagen has been doling out anniversary cars every five years since the Mk3 20 Years Edition.

The Clubsport 45, which arrived in 2021, could be a blueprint for the upgrades expected on this next special-edition model. The 45 was lighter than the standard GTI, got an Akrapovič titanium sports exhaust, and made more power than the regular version—292 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

The 2024 GTI makes 241 hp and 273 lb-ft in the US, and it’s still unclear if the new special edition will make it to America. VW will dish out all the details in just a few weeks.

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