Singing Christmas Carols at 100+ MPH with BMW [video]

I don’t know how you feel about Christmas carolers, but I’ve always felt it was missing something. Sure, there is a classic, Dickens-era charm to the whole thing, but it just is not an activity fit for our fast paced lives. It needs something to quicken the pace. So why not take some carolers, and bring them to France’s Circuit de l’Anneau du Rhin, and cram them into a BMW M135i xDrive. Once firmly buckled into the Euro-only performance hatch, let the caroling (and racing) begin:
VIDEO: See the Fastest Christmas Song in the World Circuit de l’Anneau du Rhin may be in France, but it is very close to Germany, and closer to places like Stuttgart (home of Porsche) and Zurich (home of watches and chocolate) than it is to Paris. So it's kind of BMW territory in a way. PHOTOS: See more of the BMW M135i As for the M135i xDrive, it is a powerful little hatch that we do not get in the States. Oh, and yes, we know this video was from a year ago, but that does not detract from how freaking cool it is. Enjoy the rest of cleaning up wrapping paper while you watch this epic video!