Watch This Couple's "White (BMW M3) Wedding" [video]

Most people have that perfect dream wedding in mind– even you guys can admit that you probably have an image in your head of the ideal wedding. Whether it’s on a beach in Maui or in the main hall at Grand Central, there are plenty of ideas great out there. But if you are a big enough gear head, this might just be one of the best one’s we’ve seen yet. When most people say they want a “White Wedding,” the thought of a pearl E46 BMW M3 Coupe drifting around you probably isn’t what they had in mind. But it was just the thing for the happy newlyweds Kay-Leigh and Gervan Diaz for their first kiss as bride and groom: PHOTOS: See more of the E46 BMW M3 Coupe
VIDEOS: See more automotive videos and clips on BoldRide! This video was brought to our attention by Carscoops and we love it. Consider that, in the great scheme of redneck weddings, S&M weddings and all sorts of other shocking marital ceremonies, this one is not so bad. Even if this was the only automotive-themed element to the wedding, and every other part was traditional– this simple and epic act beats the hell out of Cars 2 napkins and place settings!