Toyota Promises Cars Will Not Go Fully Autonomous

It’s no secret that autonomous cars are on their way, and as automakers race to build the most effective self-driving cars and lawmakers struggle to pass legislation on the matter, one car company as taken a stance in favor of the human driver. Toyota decided to go against the current trend pushing self-driving cars. While other automakers are convinced that we’ll have autonomous vehicles on the road in great numbers by 2020,  Toyota says that the driver is still the most important decision maker in a motor vehicle. RELATED: Tesla Promises Autonomous Vehicle by 2016 Toyota’s managing officer for vehicle control systems Moritaka Yoshida sat down with Automotive News Europe, and explained the Japanese automaker's bold stance on the matter. “We believe that it should be the driver that is at the center; the driver should take the initiatives,” said Yoshida, “Think about airplanes. They have an autopilot, but when it comes to important operations, the pilot will always take over.” In context, Google says is it will have self-driving cars ready within five years and Nissan says it will have fully autonomous vehicles by 2020. Meanwhile, Toyota’s stance is closer to that of General Motors, with automated systems that can be switched on and off. RELATED: Would You Buy an Autonomous Supercar? Regardless of where you stand, the autonomous cars are coming. It is only a matter of time before they become self-aware and arm themselves. I, for one, will welcome our new robot-car overlords.