Police Threatens to Ticket Man for Washing Car in His Own Driveway [video]

The funny thing about videos taken of interactions between citizens and the police, is that we don’t know what transpired prior to, or after, the video being recorded. That's the impression we get after watching this New York cop nearly ticket someone for washing their own car in their own yard. It sounds like a case of police abuse of rules and laws, but you watch the video and decide:
From the looks of the car, based on this video on Carscoops, and the mention of “detailing” by the cop, things sound a little fishy on the part of the homeowner. There is a car with plates that don’t match the VIN, and the Volkswagen Golf (or GTI) in the driveway looks like it has seen better days. RELATED: See Photos of Police Vehicles Through the Years But hey, the car owner could be well within his rights, and the NY cop is abusing existing ordinances. Btt as always is the case when these videos are posted, we are getting things only from the side of the poster of the video, which was their intent. Does anyone live in or around Garden City, NY that might be able to shed some light on this law or the folks in the video? Dish away in the comments below.