Soldiers Jump-Start Car Using AK-47s [video]

If you find yourself stranded with a car that won’t start, lets hope you have jumper cables and are able to track down a good samaritan. I’ve found those “jump starter kits” almost never work. They only have enough charge for one attempt at a start, and when is that enough? If you ask these soldiers from parts unknown, all you need is a pair of AK-47s. The Kalashnikov assault rifle is one of the most widely used firearms in the world. It is seen in nearly every theater of war around the world. According to the poster of this video on LiveLeak, these soldiers are in Iraq, but it is not clear. What is clear is that they are attempting to start an unidentified car, from a Nissan Pathfinder, using a pair of AK-47s in place of jumper cables:
Obviously, the validity of this video has been questioned. Some of the commenters of the original video have pointed out that we never hear the car actually crank, just rev the engine. Also, there should be some show of sparks and at least some heat and discomfort felt by the soldiers holding the make-shift jumper cables. RELATED: Ten Worst Auto-Centric Christmas Gifts Of course, they could be feeling the heat of electricity rushing past their hands, but are total badasses with a high threshold for pain. We’ll never know, tell us if you think this is real or farce in the comments below.