Sometimes, automakers get all cryptic with teasers of future products. We're reminded of all the weird Dodge Demon 170 teaser videos with random numbers and a creepy leprechaun with yellow eyes, but Aston Martin isn't having any of that. The British brand has a new twin-turbocharged V-12 engine that will power a new Vanquish. How's that for being straightforward?

We know a new V-12 is coming because Aston Martin flat-out says as much. Details of the engine aren't available yet, but we're told it has a stronger block with beefier connecting rods, redesigned cylinder heads, a new intake, re-profiled camshafts, and upgraded turbochargers. We're also told it makes 824 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque.

"The V12 engine has long been a symbol of power and prestige, but it is also a statement of engineering passion and technical prowess," said Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli. "With 835PS (824 hp) and 1000Nm (738 lb-ft) of torque, this unparalleled engine represents nothing less than the dawn of a dazzling new V-12 era for Aston Martin."

However, we don't think the engine is really the crux of this news. In a press release on the V-12, Aston Martin states it will be used in its "most exclusive and limited availability models" including a new flagship debuting later this year. The announcement—and the above video—conclude by saying "All will be vanquished." One doesn't have to read between the lines to smell what Aston Martin is cooking there.

It's been a minute since we've had a new Vanquish in the mix. In 2018 is when the previous generation bowed out, though we got something of a teaser with the 2019 Vanquish Vision Concept. It was envisioned as a mid-engine V6 Ferrari fighter that never came to fruition. Now, it seems the old formula of a front-engine, rear-wheel drive grand tourer will return for at least one more run. We can't wait to see it in action.

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