Amazing Wes Anderson Short Film Depicts Racing in Italy in 1955

Wes Anderson has directed such films as Rushmore, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and The Royal Tenanbaums. In his latest short film, Anderson has teamed up with Prada, and actor Jason Schwartzman for this awesome short film. It features Schwartzman as an American racecar driver, touring Italy in September of 1955. It is not stated which race it is, but one could assume it is meant to be Mille Miglia– the famous thousand mile Italian touring race. The inhabitants of the quiet town of Castello Cavalcanti have waited through the night for the racers to pass through their town, when Schwartzman’s character enters the town in calamitous fashion:
VIDEOS: See more racing videos on BoldRide Leave it to Prada to come up with a short film that perfectly encapsulates the romanticism of European racing in such a fantastically plucky manner.