Homegrown Detroit Bus Company Picks up Where City's Bus System Fails Its People

Detroit is most assuredly on hard times. As part of being the largest American city to ever go bankrupt, nearly $7 million has been cut from the public transportation program. That means that for many folks trying to take the bus has become guessing game. Will the bus stop or won’t it? Many Detroit residents are left sitting on the street corner as bus after bus drives by – but there may be hope. 26-year-old Andy Didorosi had heard enough. In May of 2012, without any experience in mass transit, he bought six buses and started his own company. The busses were spray-painted by a graffiti artist in a very recognizable scheme, and had trackers installed. Commuters can track the busses from a laptop or, more importantly, from a smartphone. For many Detroit families where everyone has to work long hours, it is next to impossible to pick some of their kids up from school. The kids used to be forced to walk through some of the toughest parts of Detroit. But now, with the Detroit Bus Company, many of these children will have a ride home from school– something that Didorosi says, gives them a better chance at getting to college.