Behind the Scenes of 60 Minutes' Lamborghini Story [video]

Last night, 60 Minutes aired a roughly 12-minute piece on Lamborghini turning 50. It harkened back to when the CBS news magazine covered the Italian carmaker’s 25th birthday. There were a lot of supercar glamor shots, and an exploration of how a Lamborghini is built. Here is a look into how that segment was made. The host of the segment, Scott Pelley, had initially turned down the idea to cover the topic, but considering that the show had covered Lamborghini’s 25th birthday, it seemed fitting. This “Correspondent Candid” clip took us behind the scenes of the 60 Minutes story. VIDEOS: See more Lamborghini and supercar videos on BoldRide Pelly took to the track with a Gallardo and one of Lamborghini’s professional drivers. He seemed pretty excited to be behind the wheel, and is probably thanking his lucky stars that he acquiesced and decided to do this story. One of the most interesting parts to this clip was how the road footage was shot. They used two cameramen on the ground, three GoPros in the car, and a helicopter with a gyrostabilizer lens. Toss in two more GoPros in the chopper, all to film a car racing around the Northern Italian countryside, and you have some pretty stunning footage. The clip shows what it takes to make a primetime news piece like this and we’re really glad they are showing you the fun side of cars, and not getting car coverage completely wrong. RELATED: Why News Outlets Continue to Get Car Stories Wrong