What Does World Series MVP David Ortiz Drive?

You may have heard that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night. As a resident of the fair city of Boston, I can say that A) I’m very proud of the Red Sox and B) I was not out flipping cars last night. Even if it was a lowly Toyota Corolla, that’s just not my style. I prefer to emulate the swagger of Boston’s designated hitter and World Series MVP, David Ortiz. The man has an appreciation for sweet rides too.

Big Papi, as he is affectionately known, certainly has a taste for supercars. He also likes the aftermarket touch. The first time his rides came up on the radar was in 2007, when he put up his customized SL65 AMG for auction on eBay. The car was a gift to himself after winning the ’04 World Series. It features a Lorinser body kit, 20-inch Lowenhart LSR wheels, and in 2006 was awarded Best Celebrity car by DUB magazine. RELATED: Celebrity Cars: Hollywood Stars Who Drive Hot Cars According to Celebritycarsblog.com, $35,000 was spent to customize it on top of the $205,000 starting price. It was to be hand-delivered to the winner of the auction by Big Papi himself, but apparently no one had the coin to make off with the car. According to an AP report, there were no legitimate bids on the car, so as far as we know; he still owns the red custom convertible. David Ortiz also owns a custom Audi R8 V10 Sypder. We know this because in 2012, he was involved in a minor fender-bender on Boylston Street in the heart of Boston. He was actually on his way to that night’s game against the Cleveland Indians when it occurred. No one was hurt, and the body damage was minor. From shots of the incident, we can tell that the R8 has aftermarket wheels, blacked out taillights, and potentially custom carbon fiber “side blades” in the Spyder’s side air intakes. RELATED: Parody Dealership Hawks Celebrity Cars [video] It seems Big Papi makes sure he always has a fresh ride in the stable, and earlier this year, his custom Rolls-Royce Ghost was spotted outside Fenway Park. Once again, this vehicle has blacked out taillights and custom wheels. But on Saturday, he won’t be in a Mercedes-Benz, or an Audi, or a Rolls-Royce. He, and the rest of the 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox, will be carted around the city of Boston in converted U.S. military DUKW vehicles, also known as “Duck Boats.” They are used for tours of Boston and have been the official chariot of champions since 2002. We’ll have more on these unique vehicles soon– so stay tuned! Image Credit: Redsoxlife.com, Celebritycarsblog, NECN.com