DJ Deadmau5 Wants a Nyan Cat Ferrari 458 Spider

Do you ever lose sleep at night, wishing Nyan Cat and Ferrari were one in the same? Well wish no longer, Deadmau5 — a Canadian house DJ — has been mocking up some Nyan Cat-inspired paint schemes for his Ferrari 458 Spider. And he's actually considering doing it. For reference: if you're not sure what Nyan Cat is — welcome to the internet, glad you could make it. Essentially it's a cat, dressed up as a pop tart, flying through space in an endless loop, shooting out rainbows, all to the beat of a catchy rhythm. You can watch it here (warning: extremely addicting). At any rate, Nyan Cat is an internet legend, and DJ Deadmau5 wants to honor this beloved hero forever on the side of a Ferrari 458. We're not entirely sure how execs in Maranello are going to react to this — but who gives a damn, more power to him. PHOTOS: See More of the 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider Via: Complex