Another Model S Goes Up in Flames — Should Tesla Be Concerned? [w/video]

In a new report by Axis of Oversteer, a Tesla Model S caught fire in the Yucatan city of Merida following a crash. The fire reportedly was contained near the front of the car, although no official reports have determined the exact cause. This is bad news for Tesla, as just a few weeks ago, we reported that another Tesla Model S burst into flame near Seattle, after a similarly dramatic crash. The ensuing fire put a $600 million damper on Tesla stocks, which have been slow to recover. Bystanders managed to capture the engulfed Model S before first responders arrived. You can watch it here (warning: NSFW Spanish language):
The question is: will this ignite another PR nightmare for Elon Musk and Tesla? Only time — and stock prices — will tell. RELATED: Tesla Model S Fires Causes $600 Million Drop in Company Value [w/video]