Drivers in Sierra Leone Required to Play Board Game For License Test

The West African nation of Sierra Leone is one of the more dangerous places to operate a motor vehicle. Last year, the country endured more than 380 automotive-related fatalities and 2,204 accidents. To help improve driving, officials are requiring residents to play a board game to pass the driver’s test. According to the UK’s Mirror, it is not just any board game, but The Driver’s Way, which is a Monopoly-like game based on the country’s traffic laws. The game costs 60,000 Leones, or about $14, and about 3,000 copies have been produced. The game features tiny cars that you move around the board, and traffic light themed die, which is ironic, because there are no traffic lights in Sierra Leone. Those looking to get a license must complete the game before they can take a road test, which begs the question– how the heck were they learning about traffic laws before? RELATED: Personal Submarines Give Uber-Wealthy Another Way to Travel Image Source: