eBay Car of the Week: 1989 Lincoln Town Car, 72k Miles, $6,995

“Is there a market for this car?” a Facebookian asked when the seller posted this stunning 1989 Lincoln Town Car up for auction up for auction with a Buy-It-Now price of $6,995. Well, there’s a market for everything, something the 46 people watching this luxurious boat already know. Many American luxury cars from the 1980s led a hard life. They got passed on by the first owner, and were often picked up by livery companies. Or they were purchased by careless second and third owners and beaten like rented mules. But a good handful of these cars survived relatively unscathed. This one is amazingly well preserved. It’s a Signature Series, which was the middle of the Town Car trims, surpassing the base Town Car, but without the cloth roof and additional luxury items of the Cartier. Frankly, the Signature Series, with leather, is probably the cleanest looking Town Car, since the Cartier’s roof had all the sophistication of a fuzzy pimp hat. The 1989 model year was the last year for this bodystyle. This one was produced in June of 1989, meaning it’s got to be one of the last of this type that rolled off the line. The condition here is absolutely remarkable, with only minor signs of ownership on the front seat. The rear seat looks like it was never occupied, and the paint and chrome outside shows no imperfections. The only minor gripe is the modern radio in the dash, but the seller notes that the car comes with a working Ford Premium Audio cassette deck from the same era. He also mentions that the analog clock is a little sluggish around 5:00, but after 25 years of circumnavigating the clock face, we’re willing to give it a pass. Make sure to take a look at the complete auction, because the entire set of huge photos are remarkable. At the moment, bidding is hovering at $3,850. The auction ends in four days. Is $6,995 cheap for a 1989 Town Car? No, but it’s certainly fair. Consider that there’s an equally nice 1988 Town Car at a small dealer in Holliston, Massachusetts for sale with cloth interior, priced at $8,995, and this one seems like a smoking deal. PHOTOS: 1984 Lincoln Town Car

Image Source: eBay Motors