$250K For a Wrecked Ferrari: Welcome to the French Art World

Few cars in automotive history are truly worthy of the term “rolling works of art.” A Ferrari Dino GT4 may not be an ideal match for that term, but in 1993, one became an art instillation. According to Bloomberg, that totaled Ferrari just sold for $250,000. The Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (or FIAC) is France’s largest art fair. It is the kind of place where you would expect to see works from Jean-Michael Basquiat. In fact, a piece from the late American neo-expressionist sold for an astounding $5 million. RELATED: Jeff Koons BMW Art Car Making First North American Appearance in Miami That is perhaps not as surprising as the fact that a wrecked Ferrari sold for a quarter of a million dollars. The Ferrari is a ‘found-object sculpture’ by Bertrand Lavier. In case you were wondering, yes- he literally took a wrecked Dino and put it on display. Feel free to interject your judgments of contemporary art as you see fit. The post-modern lemon was sold to an undisclosed Turkish buyer, and was purchased from Paris art dealer Yvon Lambert. RELATED: $52 Million Ferrari 250 GTO Now the Most Expensive Car in the World A quick web search shows the market for the 308 Dino is anywhere from £25,000 to £30,000 ($40,500-$48,600). You might say this particular Ferrari has enjoyed somewhat of a markup. Image Source: Bloomberg