UK Man Caught Driving Without License for Nearly 40 Years!

For most law-abiding citizens, the thought of driving without insurance, or a valid license–or, heck, even driving with an expired inspection sticker– would cause a great deal of stress. That was probably not the case with a man from the UK, who was found to have been driving without a license for the nearly four decades. According to, the man was pulled over on Thursday at 9:40am in the Nechells area of Birmingham. The UK’s Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) found that the man had been driving without a valid driver’s license for nearly 40 years. Additionally, the driver had no insurance, which led the CMPG to seizing and impounding his vehicle. The CMPG made a statement regarding the incident via Twitter: “Vehicle seized in West Mids for no insurance. Unbelievably, it appears the driver has not held a license for almost 40 years! You can’t hide forever!” Penalties for driving without a license in the UK include a driving ban, a £1000 fine, and preventing the offending party from acquiring a license for a number of years. The driver is facing prosecution, and it is unclear at this time which of these penalties the government intends to levy. Image Source: