Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango Ads Viewed 2.7M Times [w/video]

If you had the television on for any amount of time this weekend, you likely saw one of the new ads where everyone’s favorite anchorman, Ron Burgundy, shills the Dodge Durango. And if you were watching a lot of TV, you may have noticed quite the selection of Burgundy/Dodge ads. Did you know Will Ferrell actually filmed 70 different Durango spots? The ones that have already aired having been viewed 2.7 million times. According to a report by Automotive News and its sister site Advertising Age, the campaign was a lucrative move for Dodge, as it shares its costs with the producers of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. A cross-promotion between the SUV and the new film. RELATED: Ron Burgundy: The Official Anchorman of the Dodge Durango [w/video] Dodge’s advertising team, Wieden+Kennedy, worked jointly with Ferrell and his team at Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois, said that Ferrell’s team had almost entire creative control. Ferrell was not paid for the spots, but Chrysler ponied up the cash to get the spots on air.
Since then, the ads have gone viral, and experts say the sheer number of ads — which are continually rolling out — will keep viewers coming back. It's unclear if a viral ad will translate into sales, but the Durango has been thoroughly reworked for 2014, and these ads should bring attention to that.